The Ballad of Kinmount

A Tribute to

Kinmount's Sesquicentennial Anniversary

(May be sung to the tune of Happy Birthday)

by Lynne Kilby



On the banks of Burnt River,

This story begins,

With the settlement of Kinmount,

A place on the fringe


Many boundaries met Kinmount

Back in 1859.

Yet today still the same,

Some things don�t change with time.

To land of sparkling waters,

And fragrant forests so thick,

Pioneers traversed new roads

Their land soon to pick.

Aye, Kinmount, Scotland

From where came its name.

Home of Kinmount Willie

Of notorious border fame.

Pioneer's sturdy will

Formed a lasting foundation.

Twould see Kinmount sustained

In succeeding generations.

Twas the Post Office opening,

Brought Kinmount identity.

For it symbolized growth,

A sure sign of amenity.

Came a colony of Icelanders,

But for a while.

Plagued by hardship they fled

From life led Kinmount style.

Enter Boom Time's arrival

Via iron horse - the railway.

Hence, Kinmount the hub,

Thought prosperity to stay.

Commenced Kinmount Fair,

Famous now far and wide.

Like precious jewels

This begot Kinmount pride. 


While pioneer women toiled

From morning till night

Lumberjacks pursued pine trees,

Tall, mighty and white.

Sawmills and farmers,

Merchants and mines,

The settlement flourished

In splendour divine.

But then fate took its toll

In this thriving town.

With the fire of 1890

Most of Main Street burnt down.

Rebuilt, Kinmount suffered

The Great Flood as it's known.

Tough residents recovered

For Kinmount was home.


Then struck The Great Depression

And Great Fire of 42

Kinmount�s face changed forever

But its folks carried through.

Surviving these disasters

Reigns the town railway station.

Spared from oblivion

With no complication.

In the Great World Wars

Some Kinmount lads were lost.

Stands the Cenotaph in town

To remind us of the cost.

More changes took place.

Gone mills, mines, train and school.

Again, Kinmount survived

According to rule.

Today�s Kinmount boasts spirit.

�Tis quite easily found.

Though a small population

Enthusiasm abounds.

Hail service clubs and churches,

Businesses and volunteers

For unflagging passion

To Kinmount three cheers!

Museums, theatres, park,

Health Centre, arena too.

Good people of Kinmount

Made these things come true.

Artisans and farmers markets

Take us back to our roots.

Twas townsfolk that planted

The seeds of these fruits.

Still forges a blacksmith

In the heart of town.

Plans to restore the sawmill.

Twould bring further renown.

A parade of events

Held throughout every year.

Demonstrated devotion

For Kinmount lives here.


Dare ye capture this fever?

Become part of rich history?

Celebration Time's here!

Kinmount's Anniversary!


Honour memories and milestones.

Embrace both old and new.

Let the party begin!

Time for Kinmount's review.

On the banks of Burnt River ,

This tale yet unfolds

Happy Birthday dear Kinmount,

150 years old!


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