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Items include T- shirts & hats bearing the Kinmount 150th

Anniversary Logo, Mural Replicas in various formats, pins, pens,

posters, postcards, cards, magnets, DVD's and more.

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Limited items may be found at Local Events.

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DOCTOR VIDEO"A Country Doctor" - When distant governments closed the local hospital and the doctors left town, the people of Kinmount, Ontario, felt betrayed. They joined the growing number of rural communities across Canada without health care, but the town fought back. This National Filmboard of Canada presentation details their victory against the odds in finding a family doctor.



"History of Kinmount" - Guy Scott's ancestors were Kinmount settlers & in this book Guy has written about this era. He is a high school history teacher who still lives on the family homestead: a 5th generation rock farmer! The "History of Kinmount" is available for purchase at Kinmount Artisans Marketplace.



ballad of kinmount

"The Ballad of Kinmount" This film captures highlights of Kinmount History in poetic form set to music. Using Guy Scott's book "History of Kinmount" as a guide, this film was written & produced by Lynne Kilby, as a tribute to Kinmount's Sesquicentennial Anniversary. Available at Kinmount Artisans Marketplace.

kinmount_01.jpg"Kinmount - A Community Celebrates" - Produced by George Farrell, this film featuring Kinmount in all 4 seasons is a wonderful souvenier whether your are a cottager, resident or day-tripper. Funded by the Kinmount Committee for Planning & Economic Development the film is available at Kinmount Artisans Marketplace.


The Kinmount Gazette - Volume Collector Sets of The Kinmount Gazette make a perfect gift or keepsake. Available at Kinmount Artisan's Marketplace or contact Gazette staff.



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